Great Job at All Stars! This is new for a lot of you and you ALL did amazing! Thank you so much for putting in so much effort. You are much stronger than you think.


    2019-2020 Season Info 

    The season runs until February 4th (that Tuesday will be the end of year party), and the last cheer activity is the Kyrene Cheer Showcase on January 30th at Corona High School. We will have practices every TUESDAY and THURSDAY from 3:15 SHARP to 6:00pm. I will have the games and practices on the calender. Games will be on certain Wednesdays, and we will cheer for ONLY the Varsity games.

    Practices and games are mandatory, and you must stay the full time. You will be allowed to miss ONE practice/game during the season (for any reason). If you are absent from a full day of school because of being sick, you cannot come to practice and that DOES NOT count as one of your days. If you leave school early (anything less than a half day), it counts as a missed practice. Even if you do not feel well, we rather have you at practice taking it easy than not being there at all.

    *If you are late to practice three times, it counts as your missed practice.


    Since we only have practice 2 days a week, it is very important to take time at home to practice the routine, your skills, and to stretch a few times a week. If you cannot commit to doing this 2-3 times a week, then cheer may not be the best option for you.


    We will also be doing a stunting clinic at AZ All Stars, with the first one being scheduled for Thursday, November 14th from 7:00-9:00 (cost is 35 dollars). We may add in another session as well, which would be 35 dollars. More information to come on the second session.


    The goal of this season is to really focus on the fundamentals of cheerleading, including how to properly yell, clap, hit motions, perform skills, and stunting. We will NOT teach tumbling, but if already have those skills we will utilize them. Our goal is to have the girls be prepared for showcase, as well as being fully prepared to tryout for high school if they choose to do so. We also want to help develop teamwork, interpersonal, and time management skills as well as the cheer related skills. Both coaches have HIGH expectations, and except girls to work hard, practice at home, and strive to do their best.. all while having fun, of course!




    Girls, thank you so much for trying out! We were VERY impressed with ALL of you, and please know that this was a very tough decision. We wish we could take all of you on the team, but it is impossible to coach a team of 40 girls with just two coaches! Please know that if you did not make the team, we were still very impressed and we encourage you to try out next year. If you have any questions about what you could work on for next year, please do not hesitate to email either coaches. Coach Lembeck and coach Connor are available by e-mail and on campus. Coach Connor is on campus 5 days a week and coach Lembeck is on campus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    If you did make the team, please be prepared for practice next week THURSDAY, from 3:30-6:00pm. We will take this practice to go over the season, learn cheers, dicuss games, the showcase and talk about possible NEW uniforms. Wear athletic clothing, bring water, and bring a snack. We will meet in the H building. You can change in the bathrooms in there. Make sure you can stay until 6:00, and you MUST BE PICKED UP ON TIME AT 6:00. Failure to being picked up on time could result in removal from the team. 

    ALSO: Your district payment is due BY Tuesday the 19th (the first day we will stunt, learn all cheers, etc.). It will be open to pay on November 15th, Friay. Girls will not be able to come to practice after that until it is paid. You can pay that by going to the district website (www.kyrene.org), going to the programs tab, then athletics. Please do not have your child bring in any money to school... we are not allowed to take it!

    We are working on new uniforms! Fingers crossed! If we do get new uniforms we will not receive them until 3-4 weeks after they are ordered. For the girls who made the team, I will keep you posted on that. You do NOT need to pay for new uniforms if we do get them. Your only payment will be the district athletic payment, AllStars stunting and a $12 bow. 

    ALSO, keep in mind academic performance must be maintained. All grades at a C or higher. We will check grades every Thursday and you have 1 week from the day we check it to get the grade up and if you do not get the grade up you are on academic suspension. PLEASE PLEASE remember in order to stay on the team you also need to be in good academic standing. 


    The following girls MADE the 2019-2020 team:
































     SEE YOU TUESDAY :) Congrats ladies !









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