• Ms. Viterbo’s Class



    Hello families,

     In math we are working on Geometry. We are currently learning about 3-D shapes. We learned about edges, faces, and vertices. We are also doing review as we prepare for the AZ Merit test. We will continue to work on fractions on FRACTION FRIDAYS.  We are working daily on mental math and solving word problems in all 4 operations.

    We are doing practice writing tests for the AZ Merit. We are working on writing a written response to informational text. We close read the text, planned our response using a Thinking Map, wrote a rough draft, and edited our writing. We will be typing our final draft next.

    We are finishing up our unit on the Civil War. We hope to be starting our ecosystem unit very soon.  

    We’ve been reading a historical fiction story, about a family having “hard times”, and learning the lesson of, never give up hope. We have been working on determining the main idea of a story, or passage, and supporting the main idea with details from the story or passage. We are learning how to answer questions about the story or passage we read, and writing summaries of the story.

    We are always needing Volunteers in the classroom. Please email me if you are able to help out in anyway.


    Thanks for all your support