• Tournament: December 6, 2014 at Hamilton High
    Week 3-4 Homework 
    WRITE DOWN or PRINT the info you find!
    • Research Intellectual Disabilities: What does that mean? How does it affect kids? What kinds of things help kids with Intellectual Disabilities learn?
    • What iPad apps already exist for kids with Intellectual Disabilities? Why would using iPads be beneficial for these kids?
    • Do classrooms with intellectually disabled kids often have iPads? If not, how could we get them into classrooms?
    • Check out this site that Will found: http://www.do2learn.com/disabilities/CharacteristicsAndStrategies/IntellectualDisability_Strategies.html
    • Watch some videos about NXT programming: For example, search "NXT programming" on YouTube
    • Watch some videos about past challenges or how other teams design robots/attachments
    Week 2 Homework
    Search "FLL Nature's Fury" on YouTube. Watch videos of last year's challenge.
    Think about:
    • How is the robot is designed and why?
    • What attachments help the robot complete missions?
    • How do the teams line up the robot in base so it will go where they want?
    • Is there anything else you notice that might help our team?
    • Can you think of any improvements they could make?
    Think of missions for THIS YEAR that you think will be fast, easy, lots of points, and fun! Rewatch the videos from last week if it helps.
    For the project, think about Waggoner's DD classroom or any kids you know that have a disability. What kinds of things do they learn? What challenges do they face when trying to learn? Brainstorm a specific thing we could help them learn, such as learning to add or social skills. Think about questions you have for Mrs. Lutes, the DD classroom teacher.
    Optional: Do a t-shirt design.
    Week 1 Homework

    Read through this year's challenge, World Class: http://www.firstlegoleague.org/challenge/2014fllworldclass 

    Watch these videos:

    FLL World Class- Overview of Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG1wxKnwqYQ&list=PLpaPRqT711tj5hTyy--R12I4XRg0mLMpM


    Project Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJtYNHEqWmU&list=PLpaPRqT711tj5hTyy--R12I4XRg0mLMpM&index=2


    Robot Game Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po9j6vpuW7A&index=3&list=PLpaPRqT711tj5hTyy--R12I4XRg0mLMpM


    Hands on Learning: All Missions and Points: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ7YAfYhucE 

    Make a list of things you've learned recently.
    • What did you learn and how did you learn it?
    • What tools or technology do students usually use to learn about it?
    • Why is this topic important and who is it important to?
    • Does the location or method matter when learning about this topic?