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Kyrene C.I. Waggoner PTO

 Thank you for your interest in PTO!  As a parent or guardian of a Wildcat student, you are an automatic member of the PTO.  Our goal is to make Waggoner the best school we can for our staff, students and community.  Many events and activities at Waggoner are either partially or entirely supported by PTO volunteers.  Please join us in supporting our Wildcat community.

PTO offers support to Waggoner Elementary through in-school services, fundraising events, and unique educational and community–building opportunities.  Our success depends on all of us! 


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Upcoming Events
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Friendship Dinner/Science Fair & Art Walk

February 6 
5:30 PM 
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WNO - Main Event

February 7

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Jump for the Heart Week in PE

February 13-
February 17
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President's Day

 February 20 No School
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PTO Book Fair

February 21-
February 23
Location: Reading Area
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Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 22-
February 23 
 Early Relea
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 WNO - Costco

 February 25 


2016 - 2017
Waggoner PTO
Board Members
Inez Carrazco - President
Julie Duncan - Co-President 
Jess Goldman - Vice President
Michelle Hanson - Secretary
Nikki Amberg - Treasurer
Cara Walsh - Meaker
Hilary Erickson
Serena  Torcoletti 
Stephanie Sandell 
Parent Superintendant Council Representative 
Vicki Montei
Cara Walsh - Meaker

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Friday, March 3rd at 8 AM
Reading Area
Look forward to seeing you! 
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You make the difference at Waggoner!

Volunteers are needed for planning, working at, and communicating about Waggoner events & activities. The more volunteers we have, the better these events & activities can be, for our children, staff, and the broader community.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
We welcome your input!
Please contact us at ptowaggoner@gmail.com