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    Aprende's Parent Teacher Student Organization is dedicated to helping the Aprende Family communicate with each other. View meeting minutes, get meeting dates, order apparel, and obtain information about volunteering!

    Join us for our monthly meetings to learn what is happening at Aprende. Feel welcome to be on time, show up late, leave early... we understand, above all else, please feel welcome to join us.
PTSO Officers Name email
President Melissa Harte President@AprendePTSO.org
Vice President Tatiana Venegas VicePresident@AprendePTSO.org
Treasurer Lisa Moore Treasurer@AprendePTSO.org
Secretary Julie Albanese Secretary@AprendePTSO.org
Technology & Communications Coordinator Jane Hammer Communications@AprendePTSO.org
Facebook Jane Hammer Facebook@AprendePTSO.org
Website Jane Hammer Website@AprendePTSO.org
Apparel Janell Davies Apparel@AprendePTSO.org
Fundraising Coordinator Marjean Steinkamp Fundraising@AprendePTSO.org
Volunteer Coordinator Julie Albanese Volunteers@AprendePTSO.org
Snack Shack Monique Zurga SnackShack@AprendePTSO.org
Member at Large Sarah Danielson MemberAtLarge@AprendePTSO.org
Member At Large Layden Puig-Ivonnet MemberAtLarge@AprendePTSO.org
Member At Large Cathy Dwyer MemberAtLarge@AprendePTSO.org
Member At Large Tammy McCullagh MemberAtLarge@AprendePTSO.org
Member At Large Jenilyn Clark MemberAtLarge@AprendePTSO.org
Last Modified on August 1, 2018