• Letter from the Athletic Director, Dr. Randall Hoggard
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    Dear Interested CMS Sabercats Athletic Participants and Families:

    At Centennial Middle School we believe that our athletes are “student athletes”. This means that their responsibility as a student comes before the privilege of being a CMS athlete. It is our belief that we must promote high expectations academically as well as behaviorally for our Centennial students.

    Tryouts and “cuts” are probably the most painful experience for coaches, students, and parents/guardians. While we would like to accommodate every student who wants to participate in a sport, limitations in facilities, coaches, and other resources as well as safety factors make tryouts and “cuts” necessary. Each coach is responsible for establishing guidelines for tryouts and “cuts” for their sport. These guidelines will be communicated through the coach’s letter that can be picked up from student services before tryouts. The guidelines will depend upon the sport, but for all sports there are two common criteria:

    black paw  Students who are assigned to ISI by an administrator for any portion of the day will be ineligible to try out for a team on the day(s) they are in ISI.

    black paw  Students who do not have a passing grade in a class will be ineligible for tryouts.

    During the season the student athlete’s eligibility will be checked on a weekly basis. Students may be ineligible to participate for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

    black paw  The student has a D, I, or F in a class.

    black paw  The student is having behavior problems.

    black paw  The student is behind on class work, homework, projects etc.

    black paw  The student has failed to complete an assigned consequence (i.e. detention).

    black paw  Students suspended off campus during the season will be ineligible for sports as outlined in the handbook

    Thanks for your support,

    Dr. Randall Hoggard

    CMS Athletic Director

    "The profession of coaching is a profession of teaching. In addition to teaching the mental and physical dimensions of their sport, coaches through words and example must also strive to build the character of their athletes by teaching them to be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring, and good citizens." (Arizona Sports Summit Accord ¶16)

Last Modified on July 23, 2019