• Musicians need to play their instrument at home  

    Playing time in class is not enough to train and strengthen muscles required for:
    • Good sound quality
    • Proper fingerings
    • Accurate timing
    • Playing with feeling

    Tips for success:

    • Schedule your practice sessions (easier to remember if you make it a routine).
    • Make sure you are prepared to play assigned music correctly before the next rehearsal.
    • Remember that band is a TEAM activity.
    • Everyone is depending on one another to make the rehearsal fun!
                    -Always strive to play your best!          
    A sample practice routine would look like this:

    20-35 Minute Practice Session:

                 Warm up for 5 Minutes

    • Brass and Woodwinds- 
      1. Play some long notes to find a good sound quality (use almost all of your breath for each note).
      2. After you feel you have the sound under control then start playing some of the other notes we learned in class.
      Practice full strokes on your drum pad.
      1. Hold the stick between your thumb and first knuckle of your pointer finger.
      2. Make sure you make a "volcano" with your sticks.
      3. Using one stick as a guide:   start with the stick up, bend at the wrist only and make sure you return to the up position after every note.

                 Scale and technical review- 5-10 Minutes

    • Focus on the scales which you need to improve the most, then review the easy ones.
    • Percussionists- also review basic rudiments (single stroke roll, double strokes, paradiddles, triplets, etc…)
    • Review/improve assigned lines from the method book- 5-10 Minutes
    • Play each line and analyze you performance
    • Focus on measures which need improvement
    • Play the line again with corrections
    • Repeat the process until each line improves

                 Review concert music- 5-10 Minutes

    • Check that you are playing all notes and rhythms correctly
    • Plan your breathing, and dynamics
    • Improve on small pieces first and then play larger pieces.