• Fun Music Projects
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    Check out these instruments to make and fun sounds to explore!  If you make an instrument at home, bring it to school on your next music day and play it for the class!


    This is one of the easiest instruments to make at home!  You'll need plastic eggs or a metal can with a lid.  Fill it half full with rice, seeds, beans, popcorn, or other small things.  Shake to make music!  Be sure to glue the egg shut or tape the lid on the can before you play your new instrument.  How does the sound of your shaker change when you use different materials?


    For the rainstick, you need a tube, pine cones, and rice, popcorn, sand or beans.   Close one end of the tube.  Fill the tube with pine cones, and then pour in rice, sand, beans, popcorn, or other small things.  Close the other end of the tube.  Decorate and play! 


    Take a large coffee can and remove both ends, using a can opener.  Using strong, wide tape (the kind that is made for mailing packages) put strips across one end of the can until it is completely covered with no holes or spaces.  Pull the tape tight enough that it almost bends the  can.  This tape forms the drum head.  Now weight the drum head by reaching inside the can and sticking a piece of gum or clay to the center of the drum head on the inside.  It's ready to play! 

    Play the String Bass

    You need a string about two to three feet long.  Tie a loop in one end that is large enough to place around your foot.  Tie another loop in the other end that is the right size for your finger.  Put the loops around your foot and your finger and place your finger against your ear, closing it.  Pull the string tight and pluck it.  You will hear a "string bass" sound.  If you have a piece of music that has a string bass in it, play the music and strum your "string bass" with it!
    Scale with Glasses

    Gather eight identical glasses.  These should be made of glass.  Put a little water in the first one and a little more in the second one.  Tap the glasses with a spoon and listen to the sounds. Can you put in the right amount of water to make these sound like "do" and "re"?  Put water in all of the glasses and tap them, listening to the sound.  Add more water or pour some out to make the tones do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, and do.  Try playing "Hot Cross Buns" like this.

    mi  re  do     mi  re  do
    do do do do  re re re re    mi  re  do

    Try to play other songs you know!