• Important Dates                              Colina Calendar gold line

    Dec. 1  November Book It! Is due.

             Student Council Meeting

                 Bridges Unit Starts


    Dec. 2  Pilgrim’s Unit Ends

      Demonstration Speeches explained

      Bus evacuation practice (dress appropriately)

      Half Day for Students

     Dec. 3  Aerospace Club meets (pick up at 4:30 p.m.)

     Dec. 4  Through the Universe with Pink Floyd at Mesa Community College (separate email will be sent)

    Dec. 7  Check to see how far your child has read with Sign of the Beaver. It should be read completely by Friday.

    I will send home information concerning the Winter Party and the Secret Pal Book Exchange.

     Dec. 8  Check on your child’s progress with the Handwriting book. It is due completed on Dec. 16th.

     Dec. 9  Half day for students


    Dec. 11 Sign of the Beaver must be read and book turned in.

     Dec. 14 Secret Pal begins. Students must have their clues.

    December book report completed in class

    Demonstration Speeches

     Dec. 15 Secret Pal.

    Demonstration Speeches

    Dec. 16 Secret Pal.

    Demonstration Speeches

    Dec. 17  Secret Pal Book Exchange

              Breakfast in the Class

              Bridge Breaking


    Dec. 18 No School for students


    Have a safe and wonderful Winter Break