• Students are assigned to the KASP program for 15 days in lieu of off-campus suspension.  Students who have exhibited repetitive behavioral, attendance and/or academic issues may also be assigned to KASP. Any absence will not count towards the fulfillment of the 15 days.
    • Students will be instructed in the core academic areas of Mathematics, Reading, and Language Arts using the adopted Kyrene School District Curriculum.  KASP teachers remain in contact with the students' home school teachers to ensure that the students complete required assignments and receive credit for completed work.
    • Students may be excused from some of the assignments at the home school while attending KASP.
    • Students are assessed and instructed in Character Education,  including positive leadership skills, positive peer and group interactions, decision-making skills, and other individual behavior goals.
    • Students and parents meet with the KASP Counselor at a Placement Conference Meeting. The counselor assesses student needs and discusses a plan of support for the student while in the program.
    • Students receive a monitoring sheet that rates academic and behavioral progress and is sent home daily to ensure regular communication between the KASP staff and parents.
    • Students successfully completing the 15-day program will then participate in a Re-Entry Conference at their home school.  The parent, student, KASP staff, as well as an administrator and teacher from the home school are present at the meeting.  At this conference the student presents his or her academic and behavioral successes in KASP and discusses their goals for future success.  The KASP staff summarize the student's successes and provide completed assignments to the home school teachers.  Recommendations for any needed further support are discussed at this meeting.
    • Student progress continues to be supported by KASP staff through follow up visits with each student as long as the student is in the Kyrene School District.
Last Modified on January 29, 2020