1) Practice your instrument at home!!!!  It is best to play every day!!!


          7th Grade Band (period 5) Assessments:


    Band Playing test details will be posted here


    For playing tests you may:

    1. Play live for Mr. Krill
    2. Record a video of you playing and share with Mr. Krill (before the day of the test)
    Video Guidelines: 
    You may submit multiple videos of a passage to score higher
    • The best score will count (the point is playing the music correctly)
    • You may record yourself on a school camera (during or outside class) and post on the H drive (Mr. Krill will help you if needed)
    • You may record yourself on a phone, upload to Google Drive and share with mkrill@kyrene.org 
    • The entire video must show your face so we know it is you :-) 
    You should be able to play:

    Concert Bb, Eb, Ab, C, and F scales from memory
    (in the listed order) at Q=100
    We will add to the list as the school year progresses. 
    Recommended playing format
    • Play each scale up and down in 1/4 notes
    • Play again in 8th notes 

    • play any scale in 3rds pattern
    • play any scale 2 octaves up and down
    • Double check key signatures!!!  
      Ask Mr. Krill for help if you are not sure!!!