• What we expect from Students and Parents:
    A placement conference will be held at the KASP site as soon as possible prior to the student attending.  A parent or guardian will need to attend the conference as well as the student.
    • Students must successfully complete 15 days in the KASP program prior to re-entering their home school.
    • Students  follow all of the School District Guidelines and Behavior Expectations as outlined in the Student Handbook.
    • Students must follow the District dress code guidelines.  
    • Students may not bring any materials to the program including backpacks, purses, electronic devices, caps etc.
    • Students are expected to follow all school and classroom rules and expectations. Students will be expected to show effort by being engaged, completing work, and participating positively in all activities while in KASP.
    • Students may not be on their home school campus or on any other Kyrene school campus, or at school bus stops (other than designated KASP bus stops) while in KASP. Students may not participate in any extracurricular activities at their home school while in KASP.
    • Students are able to access their school lunch accounts while in KASP.  Students may bring their lunch or may  purchase a lunch from the Pueblo cafeteria.  Breakfast items are also available for the students to purchase while in KASP.

     A Re-entry Conference will be held at the student's home school after the student has successfully completed the KASP program. The parent, student, KASP staff, and representatives from the home school be will present at the meeting. The student's academic and behavioral summary from the KASP program will be given to the home school at this conference and the students will present his or her goals.

Last Modified on January 29, 2020