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    About Ms. Sankey
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    Dear Parents and Students:

    I am so happy to be on the fifth grade team here at Kyrene de los Lagos. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my teaching philosophy and what we, as a team, can do to have a great year!

    This will be my fifth year teaching at Lagos, and I am very excited about it. Education is important to me, and I will continue taking classes that challenge me to gain more knowledge for the classroom and as we switch over to Common Core Standards. I graduated last May (2015) with a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from NAU and will be incorporating new technology projects into the classroom this year.

    One belief I have in creating a successful education, is the teamwork between teachers, parents, and students. Parents who place value in education and support it with encouragement will help ensure success for their child. Working together, as a team, will benefit your child to be the most succesful they can be.

    I believe that all students are learners and that they have the ability to follow their dreams. At school, I try to create a safe classroom environment where students are respectful of one another, are able to collaborate, are able to learn, and have fun at the same time. With this environment in place, students should be excited to come to school each day and be able to learn what they need to achieve their dreams.

    Danielle Sankey
    Kyrene de los Lagos
    Fifth Grade Teacher