• Giving Students an Opportunity for Academic and Social Progress
    The Kyrene Alternative to Suspension Program (KASP) was established to support  Kyrene students who otherwise would receive and Off-Campus Suspension for a behavioral incident.

     While the program primarily serves middle school students,  fourth and fifth grade students have been recommended to the program on a case by case basis.

    With the recommendation of the school administrator, parents may choose to have their child participate in the 15-day Program in lieu of the Off-Campus Suspension.

     KASP can also be recommended by a school administrator as an intervention to assist and support a student when other school interventions for grades and/or behavior have not been successful.

     While in KASP, students are recorded as being present in school and they are given the opportunity to complete assignments and receive credit for their completed work. 

    The Goals for KASP include:

    • To continue students' opportunities towards academic progress.
    • To assist students in regaining the capacity to benefit academically from classroom instruction.
    • To assist students in gaining new skills and strategies to make positive and successful behavioral choices.
    • To provide an environment where a consequence can be completed without having to leave an academic environment


























Last Modified on October 10, 2019