Technology Quick Help

    For Kyrene employees: Below you will find information and directions to the most frequent questions or help requests received. If you do not see an answer or solution to your question/issue, you can call the Technology Help Desk, place a work order for a technician to come out to your classroom, contact the District Technology Integration Coordinators, or contact the District IT Training Coordinator.

    Man with tool and laptop Technology Help Desk: 480-541-1215
                  Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00AM - 4:30PM 
    Click to submit a work order red arrow  Technology Work Order System
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Directions
    1. Make sure the wireless mouse is charged.
    2. Connect the receiver into a USB port and turn on your computer. You may need to wait for the computer to detect the receiver. A light on the receiver will turn on to indicate it has been detected.
    3. Press and hold the Connect button on the receiver in the USB port for two seconds. The light will blink rapidly indicating it is ready to connect to the wireless mouse.
                                       wireless receiver
    4. Press the Connect button on the bottom of the mouse. The light on the receiver will stop blinking.
                              wireless mouse
    5. Make sure the keyboard has functioning batteries.
    6. Press and hold the Connect button on the receiver in the USB port for two seconds. The light will blink rapidly indicating it is ready to connect to the wireless keyboard.
    7. Press the Connect button on the op left corner of the keyboard. The light on the receiver will stop blinking. 
                                                           wireless keyboard       

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    Connecting to Wireless at Home & VPN
          Follow these instructions for connecting at home


    To connect to the Kyrene Network from your home computer and gain access to your H drive, T drive, and school teams drive, follow these instructions > Kyrene Connect

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    Log In for Student Teachers and Long Term Subs

    Do you have a student teacher? Is there a long term sub at your school?

    If the answer is yes, you can get these folks connected with a log on and password so they have email access and access to your schools Teams (X) Drive. Just follow these steps:

    1. Have the student teacher or long-term substitute read the attached Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
    2. Once read, have them sign the attached form stating they have read and agree to adhere to all rules therein.
    3. Give the signed AUP form to the principal.

      The principal must then submit a work order requesting this sub or student teacher be given a temporary log on and password, email access and access to the schools X:Drive. This work order must come from the principal.

    Leaving Electronic Resources for Subs

    Teachers across the District are utilizing a variety of technology resources as a regular part of their teaching, so we have provided limited network access for substitute teachers which will enable them to access instructional materials/files left for them by the teacher. Teachers should NEVER leave their logon/password for the sub to use during an absence. Substitutes are given a specific sub logon and password by the school secretary.

    Substitute teachers will have access to the following with their sub logon:
    The Internet
    The Schools Teams (X) drive, _ Your School SUB Folder only

    When creating lesson plans for your substitute:

    • On your School’s Teams (X), in the _ SCHOOL SUB folder, create a folder labeled with your name, and save any/all files you wish the substitute teacher to use in your absence.
    • Always provide a paper copy of lesson plans with directions, etc. for the substitute and indicate if the laptops will be used for the day. This will alert the sub they will need the LSU key.
    • Under no circumstances should you give your sub your individual logon and password.

    Providing Access to Discovery Education Video Access:
    In order to provide access to Discovery Education videos, please follow the steps below.


    1. Locate the desired Discovery Education and download it the (U) drive. Once it is downloaded map to the file location.
    2. Choose Send to --> Desktop --> Create Shortcut. A shortcut to that movie will be placed on your desktop.
    3. Click and drag that shortcut into the folder with your name within the _Your School SUB folder. The substitute teacher will now be able to play the selected video.

    When a substitute teacher arrives:

    The office staff will give the sub a special Substitute Teacher Computer Logon and Password.

    The substitute teacher will be allowed to use the computer and projector (if available) to bring up electronic files for students.

    Substitute teachers will be directed to the Schools’ Teams (X) drive Sub Folder to access files left by the teacher.

    Substitute teachers will be issued the LSU key if necessary.

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    Using the Copier/Scanner at School

    The scanner/copier at your school can scan documents and send them to you via email, however, the default document type is TIF. Documents sent to HR for credit consideration MUST be changed to PDF. To change this to scan as a PDF, follow these instructions:

    · Click the Scanner button.
    · Press the manual entry button on the screen.
    · Type in your Kyrene email address using the keyboard on the screen.
    · Press OK.
    · Press File Name/Type in order to change the file type.
    · Choose either Single Page or Multi Page and PDF.
    · Put your document(s) into the scanner and press Start.
    · When finished, click the Copy button and clear out of the scanner.

    Your documents, in PDF form, will be emailed to your Kyrene email.

    Importing and Exporting your Favorites/Bookmarks

    Using Internet Explorer (IE)-

    To Export your Internet Favorites to your H Drive:

    1.   Open Internet Explorer and click on File.

    2.   Choose Import and export.

    3.   The Import/Export Settings window will open; choose Export to a file.

    4.   Select Favorites for what would you like to export.
    5.   Select the Favorites Folder for the folder you would like to export from.

    6.   Browse to your H Drive for the location to save your Favorites and name the file Favorites_Date; click Save.

    To Import your Internet Favorites to IE on your computer from your H Drive:


    1.   Open Internet Explorer and click on File.

    2.    Choose Import and export.

    3.   The Import/Export Settings window will open; choose Import to a file.

    4.    Select Favorites for what would you like to import

    5.    Browse to your H Drive for the location of your Favorites file that you would like to import.

    6.    Select your Favorites Folder for the destination you would like to import to; click Import.

    Using Chrome- 
    1.  Open Chrome.

    2.  In the top right, click the Menu icon. menu icon

    3.  Select Bookmarks > Bookmark manager.

    4.  In the manager, click the Organize drop-down menu.

    5.  Select either Export bookmarks or Import bookmarks.

    6.  Chrome will export your bookmarks as an HTML file, which you can then import into another browser. Chrome will also import your bookmarks from another browser by navigating to the file where they are saved; this is usually your H drive. 

    Using Edge- 
    The Edge browser does not have a native export function like IE or Chrome, but there are third-party programs that can be used to do this. However, this is not recommended since it requires software to be installed on your computer, which can put your machine at risk. 

    To import your favorites from IE and Chrome into Edge: 
    1.  Open Edge.

    2.  In the top right, click the Menu icon.. dots

    3.  Select Settings.

    4.  Under Favorites settings, click View favorites settings.

    5.  You can turn on the favorites bar so it displays at the top of the browser by sliding the button at the top of the menu to the right. on switch

    6.  Select which browser (IE or Chrome) you want to import your favorites from, then click Import. Your favorites will automatically display across the favorites bar at the top of the browser. You can also access a list of your favorites by clicking the lines icon lines  at the top right of the browser and then the star

Last Modified on October 14, 2020