•  8th Grade Science Curriculum

    Students will work throughout the year to demonstrate their knowledge and skill through project-based learning, labs, individual assessments and collaborative assignments

    1st Quarter: Chemistry (Chemical Interactions: McDougal Littell Science) 

    • Matter: states, density, boiling point, etc.
    • Chemical and physical changes
    • Chemical reactions
    • Periodic table: elements, compounds and mixtures
    • Heterogeneous/homogeneous mixtures
    • Structure of the atom
    2nd Quarter: Physics (Motion and Forces: McDougal Littel Science)
    • Isaac Newton's laws of motion:
    • Objects in motion stay in motion/objects at rest, stay at rest
    • F = m x a
    • For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
    • Relationships between energy and motion
    • Simple machines, work, and power

    3rd Quarter: Cells and Genetics (Cells and Genetics: McDougal Littel Science)

    • Cell division, growth, repair
    • DNA, genes, chromosomes
    • Heredity
    • Gregor Mendel
    • Punnett squares
    • Heterozygous/homozygous alleles
    • Genotype, phenotype

    4th Quarter: Ecology (Ecology: McDougal Littel Science)

    • Symbiotic relationships
    • Mutualism, commensalism, parasitism
    • Physical/behavioral adaptations
    • Charles Darwin
    • Factors that allow for survival