•                                                                       Winter Sports

    Winter sports 20-21  include:  Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Softball 

    To participate in a Winter sport, you must register online CLICK HERE. A current physical (less than one calendar year old) must be uploaded to registration.   Failure to complete online registration concussion form by the deadline listed will result in ineligibility to participate.
    These must be completed no later than: 11/5/2020 @1:00 PM
    Cheer, Girls Softball, Boys Basketball and Girls Soccer

    All participants are required to complete the online registration @ www.kyrene.org/athleticregistration each season in order to participate on the team. 

    Required paperwork is available at Student Services in the school office and on line from the links above.  Students must have a current physical (less than one-year old) and current health insurance to try-out and participate.

Sport Coach Phone EMail
Junior Varsity Basketball Jeremy Dittrich jdittrich@kyrene.org
Varsity Boys' Basketball Brian Mallory 480-415-2050 3b3k2l4m@gmail.com
Junior Varsity Girls' Soccer Fernando Ortega 480-541-5800 fortega@kyrene.org
Varsity Girls' Soccer Jensen Gorton 480-541-5800 jgorton@kyrene.org
Junior Varsity Girls' Softball Barbara Mallory 480-541-5800 bmallory@kyrene.org
Varsity Girls' Softball Steve Smith stevensmith@kyrene.org
Varsity Cheer Heidi Burgess 480-541-5800 hburgess@kyrene.org
Junior Varsity Cheer Nicole Monaco 480-541-5800 nmonaco@kyrene.org
Wrestling Eli Hillis ehillis@kyrene.org
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