• What is the band?
    This small ensemble, made up of Estrella 5th graders, performs folk, jazz, classical, and world music on Orff xylophones.

    How are students selected?
    To be selected for the ensemble, students will perform a short musical piece, which we have worked on in class, (such as Two Three), sight-read a short melody and demonstrate correct mallet technique. The auditions will take place at the end of 4th grade (mid to late May) to determine the members for the following year.

    How many students will be selected?
    The ensemble will be limited to a maximum of 15 students.

    When are rehearsals?
    The group currently practices one to two times a week during their lunch recess. I will let performers know when rehearsal times are during the first week of school. The first rehearsal will take place during the second week of school.

    Do any performances take place outside of regular school hours?
    Yes. Parents or guardians will have to arrange for transportation to and from performances which do not occur during school hours. In addition to many performances which will take place during school (at assemblies, flag-raising ceremonies etc.), there will be several performances happening (mostly) at evening school events.

    Likely performances that will take place outside of regular school hours:

    Pumpkin Walk (evening)
    Festival of Lights (Thanksgiving weekend- Saturday afternoon)
    Bingo Night (evening)
    Art Walk (evening)

    Ahwatukee Spring Parade (Easter weekend- Saturday morning)
    Volunteer Tea (morning)

    Performances are top priority. We don’t have backup players. If a student misses, there will be a hole in the music. It can become a group morale issue if a child misses a lot.
    While I think students will be eager to participate, it’s a big commitment, and only students who are certain that they will be able to regularly attend performances and rehearsals should consider auditioning.

    How will I know if my child is selected?
    If your child is selected for the Estrella Marimba Band, they will receive an acceptance letter and permission form. If they decide not to participate, please let me know ASAP to allow other students the ability to take their place.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone at (480) 541-1823 or by email at tvanoostrom@kyrene.org