• Create Music with these online tools and apps
    Music Shake is a very easy, free and fun way to create professional sounding music using loop-based sequencing. You can run the application online or download it.

    iNudge is an easy-to-use online step sequencer. You can layer several sequences to create a complex texture.


    Audiotool combines loop-based sequencing with virtual drum machines, synths, sequencers and effects. Very fun but with a decent learning curve. Check out the video tutorials on YouTube for help.


    Jam Studio is a cool online application that allows you to experiment with chord progressions in a variety of styles.


    Audacity is a free download of a multitrack audio recorder. You can change pitch, add effects and do other fun things to audio files you create.


    Acid Xpress is a free download (free registration required) of a powerful loop-based sequencer. Don't forget to come back every week for free 8pack loop downloads.

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