•  Centennial Middle School

       Physical Education

      Be Smart, Have a Healthy Heart! 

    *Benefits of Exercise: improve health, muscular strength, aerobic endurance, flexibility, decrease risk of disease, decrease stress, promote socialization and cooperation, integrate body and mind, promote a positive self image, increase academic learning, have FUN!!!


    Lynsey Kennedy           lkenne@kyrene.org            480-541-6468
    Scott Stremming           sstremming@kyrene.org    480-541-6469
    *P.E. Uniforms: Required for all students who have P.E. The cost of the PE uniform is $17.00 ($6.00 Shirt, $11.00 Shorts). PE uniforms can be purchased the first week of school either on line or in the front office. Checks can be made to Centennial Middle school, cash is also accepted. Athletic shoes are required to insure safety during activity.
    *Lockers: A locker will be assigned to each student during the first week of school. A personal combination will be given out and they are to write it in their agendas, DO NOT give the locker combination out to anyone else. We are not responsible for any stolen objects. NO SHARING LOCKERS, no glass, aerosol, or valuables should be placed in the locker. The students will not dress out until the 3rd day of P.E.
    *Curriculum: This is an ACTIVITY class.  Activities that will be taught will depend upon the semester the student takes P.E.:  Team handball, volleyball, softball, football, basketball, track & field, badminton, hockey, soccer, weight training, and fitness testing.
    *Grades: All students will receive 10 points daily for participation, effort and dressing out. 
     FYI; it is very important to dress out for PE class.


                *Show effort and be active in class.         

                *Dress out daily in PE uniform: clothes and shoes worn appropriately (no sagging shorts, shoes tied).

                *Respect self and others.

                *Gum, food, candy is not allowed
    *Communication: Since we are out of the office most of the time during school hours, it is easiest for you to e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns. Grades will be posted on the Parent/Student portal with occasional notes, please review for daily points and Non dress outs.
    *Health Concerns, PE Excuses: If there are any health concerns which might limit activity in class, please let us know ASAP as we do begin activity and fitness testing during the first week of school. If your student is not able to participate, please send a written note or e-mail to notify us, good for 2 PE days, thereafter we require further notice, such as a doctor’s note. Since PE class is an activity class, if a student is to be out for an extended time, we may find another class for him/her to be in.

    After school sports: Students will be notified of upcoming sports during announcements, A-labs, lunch.

    Forms and information will be available at the school front office.

    Fall                                          Winter                         Spring

                                      Cross country (no cut)          Wrestling,  Cheer (no cut)      Track & Field (no cut)

                                    Soccer (boys)                    Basketball (boys)                       Baseball (boys)

                                    Volley Ball (girls)                 Softball (girls)                          Basketball (girls)

                                                                              Soccer (girls)


    Centennial P.E. staff:  Lynsey Kennedy and Scott Stremming  


Last Modified on July 26, 2018