• Locker Room Rules and procedures


    1.      Locker Room Rules:

    ·         NO GUM, FOOD, OR DRINK

    ·         No running, throwing objects, sitting on lockers, or jumping form ledges

    ·         No yelling. Indoor voices only

    ·         NEVER give anyone your locker combination.

    ·         Do not double up. Do not share PE clothes. Borrowing clothes results in a non-dress grade.

    ·         Respect others and their property.

    ·         White board will list the activity and location. Please do not touch the White board.

    2.      Dress Out:

    ·         You will have 6-8 minutes to dress.

    ·         Names must be written in the designated area of your uniform only. Nicknames not allowed.

    ·         Socks and athletic shoes must be worn.  Shoes must be tightly laced and tied.


    3.      End of Class:

    ·         You will have 6-8 minutes to dress back into school clothes.

    ·         Lock your locker, and keep your area clean.

    ·         Do not leave the locker room until the bell rings.  If you are ready early, sit by your locker and visit.  DO NOT crowd around the door.

    4.      Lockers:

    ·         Your locker combination is for you to know only. DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR LOCKER COMBINATION TO ANYONE!

    ·         Write your combination down in your agenda so you know where to find it in case your forget it.

    ·         You are responsible for any stolen items from your locker, please do not bring any valuables to school.

    ·         No marks or stickers on lockers.

    5.      What you need for your locker:

    ·         Deodorant, Wet wipes

    ·         Plastic containers only, NO GLASS (perfume bottles, etc.) or aerosol cans.

    ·         Non-breakable mirrors only.

    ·         Girls: scrunchies for hair tied back, other supplies as needed.

    6.      Excuses:

    ·         Must have a note from home to be excused from PE.

    ·         Doctor’s note required for injuries or illness lasting longer than two P.E. days.

    7.      Fire Drill:

    ·         Dress quickly, quietly go to grass area on track – walk in a line with your teacher.

    8.      Lost and Found:

    ·         Check bin or table for lost items. You are responsible for your own items.

    9.      Proper Office Etiquette:

    ·         Knock and wait at the door. Do not enter office unless invited.

    ·         Telephone is not to be used by students – emergencies only.

    10.  Water privilege:

    ·         Ask teacher to get water from the gym only. 

Last Modified on July 31, 2017