• Centennial PE Dress out Policy:

    Students are expected to dress out daily in their Centennial PE uniform.
      • Student’s grades are affected by the number of non-dresses per quarter.
      • The official Centennial P.E. uniform will be required for all students to ensure proper hygiene, safety and comfort. Previously purchased Centennial uniforms will be acceptable as long as they are in decent condition.
      • New official Centennial P.E.  Uniforms can be purchased through the P.E. Dept during the first week of school.  The cost for the uniform is $17.00 (shirt $6.00 shorts $11.00).   Checks can be made out to Centennial Middle School, cash will be accepted as well. 
      • Athletic shoes and socks are a must. Shoes must be laced and tied appropriately to ensure safety.
      • First and Last names only, are to be printed on the shirt and shorts in the designated area, no nicknames, symbols etc.
      • Lockers will be given out to students, it is their responsibility to keep their combinations safe and secure so no one else knows it. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
      • Parents and Students, please make sure you read the notes and comments on the parent portal that shows the grades. The non-dress outs are NOT posted as points, they are listed in the NOTES.



    PE Uniforms are sold the first week of school and throughout the school year during P.E. class: $17.00

    $6.00 shirt    $11.00 shorts

    Students will not be expected to dress out until at least the 3rd day of PE, after the lockers have been given out during class
Last Modified on August 23, 2017