• PE curriculum (subject to change)

    The PE Curriculum schedule is developed in order to accommodate the 2 or 3 PE classes during each period according to sport or activity and location.
    It is also subject to change as we deal with weather conditions, team teaching, tournaments, etc. The 2 semesters have different sports and activities since students are still able to sign up for a full year of PE .  The following units may be covered throughout the year depending on the individual teacher and may not be inclusive of all activities and units of instructions.

    Schedule of Activities and units of Instruction:
    Fitness Center and Weight Room
    Fitness Testing
    Team Handball
    Flag Football
    Capture the Flag
    Track and Field
    Ultimate Frisbee
    Team building games
    Cooperative games
    Cross Country
    Pickle Ball
    Danish Longball
    Frisbee Golf
    First Tee Golf
    *Incorporated within each scheduled unit of activities will be a wide range of fitness activities designed to introduce fitness strategies and help students maintain appropriate fitness levels.
    Kyrene School District

    Physical Education

    Curriculum Framework


    Statement of purpose and function:

    The purpose of the Kyrene School District Physical Education Program is to provide all students with the knowledge, skills, and desire to live a healthful and physically active lifestyle.


    Belief statements:

    • Daily physical activity promotes good health and helps foster a healthy mind.
    • Every student can become a competent, confident mover.
    • Access to lifetime activities enhances quality of life and promotes a lifetime commitment to daily physical activity.
    • Personal responsibility and respect for others are needed to become a contributing member in a global society.
    • Students learn best in a positive and challenging environment.
    • Students will continue to participate in activities that are fun and enjoyable.
    • Physical educators must have knowledge of content, interpersonal and technical skills in order to be effective teachers.


    Physical Education State Standards:


    Standard 1:  Students demonstrate proficiency and the achievement of higher cognitive skills necessary to enhance motor skills.


    Standard 2:  Students comprehend basic physical activity principles and concepts that enable them to make decisions, solve problems and to become self-directed lifelong learners who are informed physical activity consumers.


    Standard 3:  Students exhibit a physically active lifestyle


    Standard 4:  Students achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.


    Standard 5:  Students develop self-initiated behaviors that promote effective personal and social interactions in physical activity settings.


    Standard 6:  Students demonstrate understanding and respect for differences among people in physical activity settings.


    Standard 7:  Students develop behavioral skills (self-management skills) essential to maintaining a physically active lifestyle.



    A physically educated person is defined as an individual who:

    • has learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
    • is physically fit.
    • does participate regularly in physical activity.
    • knows the implications and the benefits of the involvement in physical activities.
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