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    Greetings!  I am Kathie Cigich.  I started with Kyrene in February 2008 as an English Language Arts teacher at Pueblo Middle School.  In 2014, I tried my hand at being a Literacy Coach for Aprende and Kyrene Middle Schools.  KMS entered into the candidacy phase of the IB (International Baccalaureate), and I threw my hat into the ring.  I am now the Programme Coordinator for our IB authorized Middle Years Programme (MYP) as well as the MYP Chair of the Arizona International Baccalareate Schools board.

    I have worn many hats in Kyrene.  I have been the Department Chair, SIP Lead, Teacher Mentor, Gifted Mentor, and loved serving on other district committees.  I also had the dubious honor of receiving the Kyrene Foundation's Educator of the Year award for the 2013-14 school year. 


     My career started many years ago.  I became an educator in 1992 upon completion of my B.S. in Elementary Education from Saint Cloud State University in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.  My lengthy career has taken me to a few different locations.  I began as a CLIP relief teacher in Gold Canyon, AZ.  From there I taught CCB students in Saint Cloud, moved back to AZ and educated students in Roosevelt District and a charter school in different capacities.


    I enjoy being married to my husband of eighteen years, Craig.  We do a lot of traveling to wherever our mood takes us.  We golf, go to sporting events, and dine out when we have no travel plans. 


    Kyrene is to be my last stop on the career train.  I have made enough pit stops on this journey.  I like the students, the parents, my colleagues, and the programme a great deal, and plan to stay here until retirement.