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    Welcome to Ms. Taylor
    7D and 8D   Language Arts Class

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    Welcome to 7D 8D Language arts. on the dyad we have two separate 7th grade classes and 8th grade classes. This year we are implementing a new Advisory class, for 17 minute each day at the beginning of 6th period your student will be meeting with a teacher who is their Advisory coach. This time is dedicated to bonding with the students, checking up on grades and working on skills to enhance their experience in the school setting. Students will learn how to identify and set goals, track progress and participate in a community project. We are dedicated to helping students keep strong connection to the school in order to strengthen their connection to their education.
    Please join us for Curriculum Night Thursday Aug 2oth, at this time we will share what your student will be learning and all the support opportunities we have put into place.
    Please contact us if you have any questions.
    Ms. Taylor