•  Welcome to Kyrene School District

    We are happy you chose to work in Kyrene.  All certified teachers new to the district, first-time or experienced professionals, are required to attend four days of onboarding orientation prior to the return of continuing teachers.  Orientation allows new employees to become familiar with the Kyrene School District organization as well as job responsibilities and school culture.

    New Kyrene teachers are supported by building administrators as they serve as "lead" coaches at schools.  He or she provides instructional coaching based on individual teacher need.  In addition, Professional Development Coordinator are available to all new teachers.  However, PD Coordinators will focus our support on teachers in their first year of teaching by visiting classroom throughout the year and individually mentoring teachers on an as needed basis or by administrator's request.

    Finally, participation in three-year induction program is required for all new to Kyrene teachers as is part of the contractual salary.  It is vital that our new personnel receive training and experiences that will ensure their future success.

    Kyrene Teacher Induction Program

    Moira Turner

    (480) 541-1277

    Dr. Jo Shurman

    (480) 541-1275

    Lisa Hrubec

    (480) 541-1257

    Professional Development Coordinator

    Professional Development Program Manager

    Professional Development Coordinator


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Last Modified on December 4, 2019