• Centennial Chapter NJHS Service Requirements 2019-2020: 
    A minimum of 16 hours of school/community service is required during the school-year (August-April).
    *8 of the 16 hours must be earned through School Service Hours, and 2 of the 8 hours must be earned by participating in a NJHS Sponsored Service Project (ex. Spirit Cup).

    School Service opportunities abound at Centennial!
    NJHS School Service examples: Front Office Aid, Computer Shut-Down Squad, Media Center Aid, Recycling Team, Campus Clean-up, Flag Raiser, Be Beautiful Supply Drive, and the NJHS Spirit Cup Food Drive.

    All 16 hours must be earned and submitted by the April 30th deadline to receive a NJHS
    Service Recognition Certificate at the May 2020 CMS 7th and 8th grade 
    Academic Award Ceremonies.
    paw A prime objective must be toward the good of others and not for personnel gain. The project must be productive and benefit people who are in need of help. Your club/organization cannot receive any money for your services.


    2019-2020 Service Hours Form

     2019-2020 Service Assignment - due at the 2/20/20 Chapter Meeting!
Last Modified on February 7, 2020