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  • HR Deadlines
  • Mark February 15 on your calendar right now! A number of critical Meet and Confer deadlines fall on this date and it is our responsibility to be aware of them.  
    1) If you are pursuing university education credits for salary increase, your completed courses must be entered in Performance Matters by February 15.

    2) If you are considering becoming a candidate for National Board Certification, file this information with HR by February 15.  Candidates who obtain the National Board Certification will be eligible for a $2000 stipend each year of the ten-year life of the certificate.

    3) If you are considering taking an unpaid leave from teaching for the following school year, a request for annual non-compensable leave must be filed in HR by February 15.

    4) If you are considering retirement, you may be eligible for one or both of these benefits:

    • remuneration of ACA upon termination,
    • a cash out of ACA prior to termination

    To take full advantage of these benefits, potential retirees need to plan in advance and focus on the district deadline. Please see the Meet and Confer Document for more information.  We recommend that KEA members contact a member of the Professional Responsibilities Committee for personal advice and assistance with retirement issues.  Also, please notify HR with your intent to retire.  To find out more about state retirement, visit the Arizona State Retirement System website.  


Last Modified on July 29, 2022