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    The Certificated Meet and Confer Document is the agreement between the Kyrene Governing Board and the Kyrene Education Association. It outlines the salaries, benefits, and working conditions for Kyrene teachers and nurses. The Meet and Confer Document is available online on the Human Resources website. KEA recommends that each teacher bookmark this site for easy reference to the information that impacts our daily professional lives.  KEA is committed to helping Kyrene teachers and nurses understand the scope of the Meet and Confer Document and to promoting our own responsibility for understanding the content of the document.

    The Certificated Meet and Confer process is the annual meetings between representatives of the KEA and representatives of the Kyrene Governing Board. During Meet and Confer, agreements are made regarding salaries, benefits, and working conditions. Refer back to this page throughout the year for Meet and Confer updates.


    Scott Wilson, Kindergarten Teacher, Lomas-- Chair

    Mary Alati, CCB Teacher, Paloma

    Diane Hyllested, Social Studies Teacher, Pueblo

    Nathanael Garcia Cork, Spanish Teacher, CMS

    Marie Bialorucki, Technology Teacher, Ninos



    Allison Williams, Fifth Grade Teacher, Colina

    Kinora Hernandez, Academic Interventionist, Manitas, KEA President


    Meet and Confer process and minutes are linked on the Employee webpage.

Last Modified on August 4, 2021