Start and End Times

    For the 2022-23 school year

    Kyrene School District made changes to the bell schedule in 2019, after extensive community surveys and a thorough examination of transportation efficiency. The cost savings (approximately $700,000) from implementing a three-tier bell schedule allowed the District to provide counselors and social-emotional learning supports for students in all Kyrene schools.

    Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, all Kyrene schools will start five minutes later and open campus gates five minutes earlier. This small change will have a big impact on transportation, helping to ensure school buses run on time. The extended time campuses are open before school will give Kyrene bus drivers additional time between routes. Thank you for your support as Kyrene works to ensure safe, on-time drop off and pick up for all students.

    Preschool start times are in a separate table below and are unchanged.


  • 7:30a Elementary Schools and KTA (K-8)

    School Start Time End Time Early Release
    Brisas 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Cielo 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Cerritos 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Colina 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Esperanza 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Lagos 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Mariposa 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Mirada 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Monte Vista 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Paloma 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Sierra 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    Waggoner 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p
    KTA (K-8) 7:30a 2:15p 12:15p

    9:10a Elementary Schools and Manitas (K-7)

    School Start Time End Time Early Release
    Estrella 9:10a 3:55p 1:55p
    Lomas 9:10a 3:55p 1:55p
    Manitas 9:10a 3:55p 1:55p
    Milenio 9:10a 3:55p 1:55p
    Niños 9:10a 3:55p 1:55p
    Norte 9:10a 3:55p 1:55p

    8:20a Middle Schools & KDA (K-8)

    School Start Time End Time Early Release
    Akimel A-al 8:20a 3:05p 1:05p
    Altadeña 8:20a 3:05p 1:05p
    Aprende 8:20a 3:05p 1:05p
    Centennial 8:20a 3:05p 1:05p
    Kyrene M.S. 8:20a 3:05p 1:05p
    Pueblo 8:20a 3:05p 1:05p
    KDA 8:20a 3:05p 1:05p
  • Preschool

    Program Schedule Times
    Community (CIE, COL, MAN, MIL, MON, SIE) Full Days 8:00a-2:45p
    Community (CIE, COL, MAN, MIL, MON, SIE) Before Care 7:00a-8:00a
    Community (CIE, MAN, MIL, SIE) After Care 2:45p-6:00p
    Community (CIE, MAN, MIL, SIE) Between Care 2:45p-3:45p
    Community (LOM) Full Days 8:30a-3:15p
    Community (LOM) After Care 3:15p-4:15p
    Integrated (BRI, CIE, COL, ESP, MAR, MIR, SIE) Morning 7:25a-10:25a
    Integrated (BRI, CIE, COL, ESP, MAR, MIR, SIE) Afternoon 11:15a-2:15p
    Integrated (EST, LOM, MAN, MIL, NIN) Morning 9:05a-12:05p
    Integrated (EST, LOM, MAN, MIL, NIN) Afternoon 12:55p-3:55p
    Signature (CER, KTA, LAG, MIR, PAL, WAG) Full Days 8:00a-2:45p
    Signature (CER, KTA, LAG, MIR, PAL, WAG) Before Care 7:00a-8:00a
    Signature (EST, NOR) After Care 3:15p-4:15p
    Signature (EST, NOR) Full Days 8:30a-3:15p

    Preschools are daily, except for Integrated Preschool which is only 4 days: M, T, Th, F

Last Modified on August 1, 2022