Start and End Times

    For the 2021-22 school year

    Kyrene School District made changes to the bell schedule in 2019, after extensive community surveys and a thorough examination of transportation efficiency. The cost savings (approximately $700,000) from implementing a three-tier bell schedule allowed the District to provide counselors and social-emotional learning supports for students in all Kyrene schools.

    After modifying the bell schedule last year due to the global pandemic, Kyrene School District will be returning to the 2019-20 bell schedule with slight adjustments for 2021-22, including reintroducing early release Wednesdays. Students are encouraged to use early release dates for independent study, homework catch up, social-emotional activities and self-reflection. More information on the 2021-22 schedules.



  • Elementary 7:25a

    School Start Time End Time Early Release
    Brisas 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Cielo 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Cerritos 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Colina 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Esperanza 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Lagos 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Mariposa 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Mirada 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Monte Vista 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Paloma 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Sierra 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    Waggoner 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p
    KTA (K-8) 7:25a 2:15p 12:15p

    Elementary 9:05a

    School Start Time End Time Early Release
    Estrella 9:05a 3:55p 1:55p
    Lomas 9:05a 3:55p 1:55p
    Manitas 9:05a 3:55p 1:55p
    Milenio 9:05a 3:55p 1:55p
    Niños 9:05a 3:55p 1:55p
    Norte 9:05a 3:55p 1:55p

    Middle Schools & KDA

    School Start Time End Time Early Release
    Akimel A-al 8:15a 3:05p 1:05p
    Altadeña 8:15a 3:05p 1:05p
    Aprende 8:15a 3:05p 1:05p
    Centennial 8:15a 3:05p 1:05p
    Kyrene M.S. 8:15a 3:05p 1:05p
    Pueblo 8:15a 3:05p 1:05p
    KDA 8:15a 3:05p 1:05p
  • Preschool

    Program Schedule Times
    Community Full Days 8:00a-2:45p
    Community Before Care 7:00a-8:00a
    Community After Care 2:45p-6:00p
    Community Between Care 2:45p-3:45p
    Integrated (BRI, CIE, COL, MAR, MIR, SIE) Morning 7:25a-10:25a
    Integrated (BRI, CIE, COL, MAR, MIR, SIE) Afternoon 11:15a-2:15p
    Integrated (EST, LOM, MAN, MIL, NIN) Morning 9:05a-12:05p
    Integrated (EST, LOM, MAN, MIL, NIN) Afternoon 12:55p-3:55p
    Signature Full Days 8:00a-2:45p
    Signature Half Days 8:00a-11:30a
    Signature Before Care 7:00a-8:00a
    Signature After Care 2:45p-6:00p
    Signature Between Care 2:45p-3:45p

    Preschools are daily, except for Integrated Preschool which is only 4 days: M, T, Th, F

Last Modified on February 10, 2022