• book 7th & 8th Grade Math Curriculum

    Students will work throughout the year to demonstrate their knowledge and skill through cooperative-based learning, collaborative problem solving, and individual assessments. 

    7th Grade Math will focus on these concepts this year:

    -Proportional Reasoning & Percents
    -Rational Number Operations
    -Algebraic Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
    -Geometry: Scale Drawings, Circles, Triangles, Area, Volume, Surface Area
    -Statistical Thinking

    8th Grade Math will focus on these concepts this year:

    -Linear Equations & Functions
    -Real Number System
    -Pythagorean Theorem
    -Transformational Geometry
    -Line & Angle Relationships
    -Solving Linear Equations & Systems of Equations
    -Properties of Exponents
    -Data Analysis