Meet Mrs. Martin

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    About Mrs. Martin 

         My name is Cristy Martin, and I have worked in Kyrene
    over the past 10 years.  I have been a 2nd and 3rd grade
    teacher as well a math coach for the district.   An Arizona
    native, I have had the good fortune of graduating from ASU and obtaining a Masters in Educational Leadership from
    NAU.  This year I am back in the classroom to teach  third grade, my favorite! While I enjoyed working with K-5 teachers  and meeting all sorts of new people, having my own     classroom is something I certainly missed.  Now I get
    to use all the wonderful knowledge I gained from others in
    my own classroom. 

       I believe in developing my students not only intellectually
    but socially and emotionally as well.  It is my role to help
    foster an environment that encourages students to want to
    work together and problem solve.  Our classroom will become more like a family as we progress through the year. 
       In order to ensure great educational gains for all students I will do my very best to establish a close bond and trust with each of my students. I have found in the past that the more my students see me actively engaged in teh things they like out of school the more engaged tehy are in teh classroom.  This means that I LOVE going to my students' sporting games, church plays, recital, and anything else that they enjoy and want to share with me. 

       Outside of the classroom I live with my husband and our beautiful baby girl, Rydelle.  She was born last December and has completely changed our lives for the better.  Becoming a mother has given me a new prospective on how important my role is as a teacher.  I now understand just how much trust you have to place in a teacher when you send your child to school each day.  Please know that once your child becomes one of my students they are also being added to my school family. I will love them unconditionally. 
        I seek adventure and enjoy being active. My interests include hiking, traveling, and scuba diving.  I love reading, independant films, and animals, especially our dog Sadie.
       This school year will be filled with opportunity. I believe 
    that enthusiasm is contagious and creates the positive
    energy necessary for tackling difficult goals.  So, here's to a
    new school year; may we work hard, laugh together and
    enjoy the experience!