Pre-K-8 Dual Language Program


    Congratulations to our 1st graduating class! 

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    Languages are best learned at an early age
    The innovative Dual Language program provides Pre-K-8 students with literacy and content in both English and Spanish. Students benefit both socially and cognitively; develop greater non-verbal problem solving abilities; and more flexible thinking. The elementary and middle schools programs are tuition free.  
    Program Goals 
    Provide students an opportunity to reach a high level of proficiency in a second language by the time they graduate from high school. This level of language proficiency is a 21st century skill that allows students be successful in our global community.
    Grade Level Proficiency Targets for Spanish Dual Language Program 
    Dual language students:
    • Develop literacy, language and academic achievement in English and Spanish
    • Are positive, confident and excited about learning
    • Become bilingual at no cost to their English development
    • Gain awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures
    • Acquire multitasking and metacognitive skills; encourages
      strategic thinking and problem solving
    Enrollment Requirements
    Students can be admitted into the Pre-K-8 Dual Language Program by:

    *Enrolling in DL Kindergarten or the first nine weeks of DL 1st grade and maintaining that enrollment throughout their K-8 experience, or
    *Transferring from another Dual Language Program (documentation needed) or
    *Passing the Kyrene Spanish Proficiency Screener.

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    Program Models

    (For 3-5 years old, not yet in Kindergarten). This Spanish language exploration program for early learnersis tuition-based and offered through Kyrene Community Education at Lagos and Norte. Bienvenidos Dual Language

    Elementary School Model

    50/50 model: Students spend 50% of their day immersed in Spanish and 50% immersed in English
    A grade level will be added every year (K-5 by 2019-20)
    Middle School Model
    60/40 model: Students take Spanish Language Arts, Social Studies and Science in Spanish. Wednesdays students follow an ABC rotation schedule.

    Middle Schools
    Parent information meetings and tours
    Please contact the schools directly to schedule a meeting and/or tour.
     Dual Language Students
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