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K-8 Dual Language Program
Languages are best learned at an early age
The innovative Dual Language program provides K-8 students with literacy and content in both English and Spanish. Students benefit both socially and cognitively; develop greater non-verbal problem solving abilities; and more flexible thinking. The elementary and middle schools programs are tuition free. Parent information meetings are listed below.
Program Goals
Provide students an opportunity to reach a high level of proficiency in a second language by the time they graduate from high school. This level of language proficiency is a 21st century skill that allows students be successful in our global community.
Dual language students:
  • Develop literacy, language and academic achievement
    in English and Spanish
  • Are positive, confident and excited about learning
  • Become bilingual at no cost to their English development
  • Gain awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures
  • Acquire multitasking and metacognitive skills; encourages
    strategic thinking and problem solving
Grade Level Proficiency Targets for Spanish Dual Language Program 
Enrollment Requirements
Elementary: Native Spanish speakers must take the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA). Middle School: New students must take a Spanish Language Proficiency test to demonstrate their level of proficiency in order to enter the program.
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Program Models
(For 3-5 years old, not yet in Kindergarten). This Spanish language exploration program for early learnersis tuition-based and offered through Kyrene Kids Club at Lagos and Norte. Bienvenidos Dual Language

Elementary School Model

•  50/50 model: Students spend 50% of their day immersed in Spanish and 50% immersed in English
*A grade level will be added every year (K-5 by 2019-20)
Middle School Model
•  Students spend 100 minutes a day immersed in Spanish.
•  6th grade takes a Spanish class and Social Studies in Spanish
•  Students earn high school foreign language credits
•  Explicit instruction for Spanish writing, grammar and oral language development.
Kyrene Middle School
Grade 6 for 2016-2017
*A grade level will be added every year (6-8 by 2018-19)
Parent Information Meetings
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