• Technology Enhanced Curriculum


    Educational Technology

    Our children will grow up in a world that we can hardly imagine. The Kyrene School District’s ultimate goal is to help students develop 21st Century skills of: creativity and innovation; communication and collaboration; research and information fluency; critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making; and digital citizenship. These skills are essential to successfully navigate our highly dynamic and ever-evolving digital world.

    Kyrene teachers use a variety of technology tools to improve student engagement and enhance instruction. Technology is integrated into the curriculum and is an integral part of the daily lesson plans of all subjects—from math and reading to music and art. While there are computer labs at every school, Kyrene believes that the teachable moment doesn’t always occur on a computer lab schedule and thus flexible technology is provided in the classroom environment. Much like a pencil and paper, teachers and students have daily access to these powerful tools―providing added advantages in both learning and technical proficiency.

    All students utilize technology tools every day!

    Throughout the entire district, every classroom is enhanced with a variety of technology tools: wireless laptop computers; many with multi-touch display, a projector, a document camera, and iPads, so that students have hands-on access to technology as part of their everyday instruction and learning. Elementary classrooms also have interactive whiteboards. Students use industry-standard word processor and spread sheet programs, specialized graphics and education software, and web-based applications and information sources. Teachers participate in regular staff development and mentoring programs to help them to better use these incredible tools.

    The availability of these technology resources helps teachers to teach students in a variety of settings—as a whole class, as small groups, in flexible work stations, or as individuals—thus helping to capture the teachable moment whenever and wherever it occurs. Students use computers to gather, access, and create information; to organize and analyze information; and to record and communicate their ideas. Students also present their own creative solutions to the class through the use of the projector, computer, and document camera. Many students also create a portable electronic portfolio of their schoolwork for parents to review. This truly demonstrates that in Kyrene classrooms it's not the stuff that counts – it’s what you do with it that matters!


    Information Technology

    Kyrene’s enterprise network and support systems enable highly productive work by staff and outstanding educational opportunities for students. The District employs a 300-600Mbit network from the central servers to each school, and 800Mbit link to the Internet. This supports the myriad of web-based and network-based systems such as the student information system, the library management system, and the human resource/finance system.

    Every Kyrene staff member and K-8 student has a unique network logon and password. They also have personal and group network storage space that is backed up nightly to maintain the security of work products. A variety of ways for sharing work among users are also available. Content filtering and spam filtering systems are designed to provide a safe user environment.

    Teachers communicate regularly with parents through web pages and email. Most teachers also post their assignments and grade book on the District’s ParentVUE and StudentVUE for parent and student access. Parents and community members may also join each school’s Listserv to receive updated school information electronically.

Last Modified on July 24, 2019