Kyrene School District

Group of middle school students
Kyrene Elementary Schools
Choose Kyrene for your child’s elementary education
19 elementary schools located in Ahwatukee (Phoenix), Chandler and Tempe.
Our curriculum exemplifies the philosophy of a continuous progress model for all students and is aligned to state standards, age appropriate, rigorous and comprehensive. Our students consistently demonstrate high levels of achievement and exceed the state average AIMS in reading, writing and math.
Elementary classrooms have:
» Small class sizes with individualized attention
» Inspiring hands-on curriculum integrated with technology and art
» Specialized classes in music and P.E.
» Daily student use of laptops, projectors, and a document camera integrated within the lessons
» State-certified, highly-qualified teachers
» Instructional assistance for academic challenges
» Support for literacy across content areas, reading literacy specialists, and directed assistance for students
Enrollment is available to any student who lives within or outside of the Kyrene School District’s boundaries, pending space and program availability.