• Program Specific Registration

    The following instructions are listed by program.

    Please review the information below in addition to the General Registration information. For help call 480-541-1500

    Registration options
    Registrations are accepted Online, Walk-in (if you need access to a computer), or by Phone depending on program. See General Registration information for details.

    Kids Club registration
    (including all Preschool programs)
    In addition to completing your registration contract online, you must complete the registration process by bringing to the Service Center:

    • your child’s current immunization records. If your child is five years old and younger and not yet in Kindergarten, please click here for a complete list of the immunizations that are required for children who are attending childcare or preschool. 
    • birth certificate (Preschool only) Remember: Throughout the school year and summer, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to maintain current Department of Health Services Emergency Information Card and enrollment records with Kids Club.
    For all Preschools, registration contracts for families whose children are not yet three years old:
    • will be approved no more than 30 days prior to the child’s third birthday
    • tuition will be charged once the child starts attending program 
    • contracts submitted during the registration window in March, will only be approved if the child will be three within the first 30 calendar days from the first day of school
    • children must be three years of age and have self-sufficient toileting skills prior to attending program regardless of when the registration contract is submitted/approved
    • contracts will be approved based upon space availability

    Enrollment records include:

    • home phone (include area code)
    • home address (include zip code) 
    • emergency contact phone numbers
    • immunization records from a physician’s office
    • persons authorized to pickup child from the program
    • birth certificate (Preschool only)

    When can my child start attending Kids Club?

    At a minimum, registration must be received 48 hours prior to a child attending Kids Club. Program staff will contact you if the start date you request needs to be adjusted. For all Preschools, children must be three years of age and have self-sufficient toileting skills prior to attending program.


    Kids Club (all Preschool programs) and Kyrene After Hours
    A change in program is defined as making adjustments to or modifying a current program or class contract (does not apply to Non-School Days). Examples include:
    • Changing the days of the week a child attends
    • Changing the location of a program
    • Any other change to the current service agreement
    • Complete a Program Change Request Form and submit it online at www.kyrene.org/eservices or to the Service Center at least two (2) program days (M-F except observed holidays) prior to the effective date.


    Kids Club, Preschool and Kyrene After Hours

    Cancellation is defined as a parent/guardian withdrawing a child from a monthly tuition program. Complete a Program Change Request Form located on eservices. Submit completed form either online at eservices Forms or to the Service Center two (2) program days prior to the effective date. (Does not apply to Non-School Days.)

    Cancellations will only be processed on Mondays. If you are withdrawing a child from a monthly tuition program, your refund will be prorated weekly.  Please contact Kyrene Community Education Services prior to the effective withdrawal date.  Once the request is made, you will be refunded any unused tuition less the prorated amount.  If a change or cancellation is received after the week begins (Monday designating the beginning of the week), the tuition amount owed for the remainder of the week is still due.  For example, if you request a cancellation on a Tuesday, you will be charged for the full week of tuition.
    Note: Processing and Materials Fees are non-refundable.

    eservices Forms

    Service Center

    Youth Enrichment

    Before and after school enrichment registration begins in
    July (Fall Classes) and January (Spring Classes).

    Register anytime after July 1st for Fall Semester.

    Register anytime after January 1st for Spring Semester.

    NOTE: Online registration ends at midnight on the day class begins.  Phone registrations will be accepted until 9:00 a.m. on the day class begins. 
    Please do not send registration fees to schools.

    After Hours

    Register online or in person at the Service Center (if you need access to a computer). At a minimum, registration must be received 48 hours prior to a student attending. Please call 480-541-1500 for more information.

    Changes/Cancellations: Please see above.

    Adult Enrichment

    Online Registration - Adult Enrichment through Ed2Go
    To view and register for these online courses, visit www.ed2go.com/kyrene or call us at 480-541-1511 for more information.

    Non-School Day registration
    • Financial Assistance and discounts are not available for Non-School Days.
    • Non-School Day registrations received on or prior to the Early Bird Registration deadline qualify for the Early Bird Rate ($10 off per day!).
    • Registrations are not accepted the business day prior to the first day of camp.
    • You may purchase each day individually. (Non-School Days are not included in monthly tuition.)
    • If the minimum enrollment (per program) is not met and a Non-School Day program is canceled, a full refund will be issued.

    Registration Forms are available at:
    Service Center


    Summer Academy registration

    Select courses according to the grade your child will enter during the upcoming school year. Schedules are listed for each Summer Academy location.

    Register online early for the best chance to enroll in your first choice of courses!

    Important notes about registration:
    • All registrations are accepted first-come-first-served.
    • Online registrations occur in real time and are the quickest way to secure a space in your 1st choice of courses.
    • All courses are subject to cancellation in the event minimum enrollment is not met.
    • Individualized, confirmed course schedules will be mailed home during the last week of school.

    Schedule Confirmation

    View your online registration at any time at www.www.kyrene.org/eservices.

    An information packet will be mailed the third week of May to all Summer Academy enrollees. If your packet has not arrived by the end of May, please call 480-541-1500.

    The packet will include:

    • Class schedule
    • School map with classroom locations
    • Pick-up/Drop-off procedures

    Tuition Tuition varies depending on the materials required for each class. Prices are listed in the course grids. Note: Tuition prices are subject to change.

    Financial Assistance A limited amount of financial assistance is available.
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