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Early Learning Centers 
For ages 3-5 years and not yet in Kindergarten
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Early Learning Center (NEW Location: Monte Vista)
NEW: Arts Integrated (Paloma)  | Project-based (C.I. Waggoner)
Age-appropriate activities designed to help children reach their full potential cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially. 
Kids Club Early Learning Centers (back to top)
  • Locations at Manitas (Tempe), Milenio (Ahwatukee) and Mirada Elementary (Chandler) NEW: Monte Vista (Ahwatukee)
  • Hands-on approach
  • Child-centered
  • Encourages learning at each child's own pace
  • Learning through guided play
  • Multi-age classrooms
  • Prepares students for Kindergarten in Kyrene
  • Program Options and Tuition 2017-18
NEW: Coming 2017-18 Arts Integrated Early Learning Center  (back to top)
  • Location: Paloma Elementary (Chandler)
  • A multi-aged approach to early education that allows children to learn naturally through their distinctive learning styles.
  • Hands-on program design meets the individual developmental needs of all children through creativity, imagination, exploration and active participation. 
  • Early learning standards are seamlessly taught by nurturing individual creative expression through music, movement, literature, fine arts, and drama. 
  • Children reach their full potential across developmental domains (cognitive, physical, adaptive, and social-emotional) and meet important milestones using best practice early childhood techniques.  
  • Program Options and Tuition 2017-18
Bienvenidos Dual Language Early Learning Center (back to top)
  • A Spanish language exploration program at Kyrene de los Lagos (Ahwatukee) and Kyrene del Norte (Tempe)
  • Using instruction in both English & Spanish, this unique Dual Language Early Learning Program provides age appropriate activities where children reach their full potential cognitively, emotionally, physically, linguistically and socially.
  • Uses the Dual Language Academy 50/50 model where instruction is split half the day in English and half the day in Spanish.
  • Provides age appropriate activities where students can apply language in its natural environment.
  • Fosters an environment where students build an appreciation for cultural diversity.
  • Program Options and Tuition 2017-18
Early Learning Academy (back to top)
  • Location: Kyrene Traditional Academy (Chandler)
  • Approach combines both child-initiated and teacher-directed approach.
  • Teachers deliver a personalized approach meeting the individual needs of each student. 
  • Students will participate in school-wide events and adhere to the school uniform policy. 
  • Student progress will be followed with portfolios and developmental assessments.  
  • Program Options and Tuition 2017-18
NEW: Coming 2017-18 Project-based Early Learning Center (back to top)
  • Location: Waggoner Elementary (Tempe)
  • Through project-based learning, the concepts of problem solving, creativity and investigation will be introduced and reinforced to our early learners.
  • Activities support developing early critical thinking skills and global mindedness. 
  • Program Options and Tuition 2017-18
Reggio Emilia Early Learning Center (back to top)
  • Location: Estrella Elementary (Ahwatukee)
  • Emphasizes guided learning and child-led collaboration.
  • Languages celebrated with daily exposure to Spanish for preparation for a dual language academy.
  • Teachers guide a progressive, child- centered approach where a child is free to discover. 
  • Classroom will be extended into a signature outdoor learning environment.
  • Children explore, express, and create with different materials in the atelier (studio).
  • Program Options and Tuition 2017-18
Note: Children in our three to five year-old programs must have self-sufficient toileting skills (i.e., must be able to use the toilet consistently without frequent “accidents” in the child’s clothes or the use of diapers or pull-ups).
All programs licensed by:
Arizona Department
of Health Services
150 N.18th Ave., 4th Floor, 
Phoenix 85007 | 602-364-2539
DHS inspection reports are  
available at the program site.
 All Early Learning Center
programs strive to maintain 
national quality standards!