• School Safety Program

    School Resource Officers
    The Kyrene School District is the recipient of a School Safety Grant Award that allows us to have on-duty police officers at middle school sites. The presence of an officer is primarily for the purpose of prevention through implementation of Law-Related Education (LRE). A minimum of 90 hours per semester of classroom LRE instruction is required. The officer is expected to intervene as a law enforcement officer or probation office when necessary. Officers attend basic and advanced LRE Academies sponsored by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education.

    Middle Schools
    Aprende Middle School
       Officer Danielle Stein
       School: 480-541-6200
    Akimel A-al Middle School
       Officer Jeremy Martin
       School: 480-541-5800
    Altadeña Middle School
       Officer John Harpster
       School: 480-541-6000
    Centennial Middle School
       Officer Joseph Cortez
       School: 480-541-6400
    Kyrene Middle School
       School: 480-541-6600
    Pueblo Middle School
       Officer Noah Dunker
       School: 480-541-6800

Last Modified on August 16, 2016