• Students will work throughout the year to demonstrate their knowledge and skill through project-based learning, labs, individual assessments and collaborative assignments. 


     Textile Arts/Sewing 1 Curriculum  

     Fashion Design and Merchandising 52.1900.20

    Standard 2.0 Examine measurement techniques in design, manufacturing, and merchandising

    Standard 4.0 Evaluate textiles, fibers, and fabrics

    Standard 10.0 Construct a garment/product by precisely applying the principles of quality construction

    Students will also work on soft workplace skills such as problem-solving, team building, communication, and leadership.

     **Students will begin with hand-sewing techniques and then move onto machine-sewing projects**  


    Textile Arts 1 projects include all of the following: PBIS pockets, finger puppets, beanie hats, cross-stitch/embroidery projects, pillows, pencil pouches, aprons, and pajama pants.


    Textile Arts 2 projects include a project of choice along with building increasingly difficult skills including gathering, buttonholes, curves, etc.  Prerequisite: Textile Arts 1.  Permission from instructor is required for entry into Textile Arts 2.  


     Photography Curriculum  

     Digital Photography 10.0200.50

    Standard 1.0 Analyze the media industry, its business practices, and its role in the economy

    Standard 5.0 Utilize computer applications to manage media

    Standard 6.0 Apply knowledge of data capture and manipulation

    Standard 7.0 Engage in pre-production phase of a photography shoot

    Standard 8.0 Implement plans for acquiring or creating a product in accordance with production phase tasks in digital photography

    Standard 9.0 Perform tasks in post-production phase of project refinement in digital photography.