• The Verbal Learner
    reading in library

    • Uses advanced vocabulary
    • Plays/experiments with words
    • Creates elaborate fantasy worlds
    • Is a voracious reader
    • Uses language for exchange of ideas and information
    • Learns new words quickly
    • Has a good memory for verses, songs and stories
    • Can often "amaza" people with their memory of details in books and movies, often able to repeat parts verbatim

    Needs opportunities to:

    • Encounter and use difficult vocabulary
    • Share ideas and knowledge
    • Read, read, read!!!
    • Write, write, write!
    • Converse with academic peers
    • Work with advanced subject matter
    • Engage in higher level thinking skills
    • Use humor frequently

     Ways to meet this child's needs:

    • Read aloud
    • Literature studies of advanced material
    • Writing activities
    • Analogies
    • Vocabulary activities