• The Quantitative Learnermath

    • Understands advanced mathematical concepts
    • Uses logic to solve problems
    • Uses advanced mathematical computations (many times mentally)
    • Engages in estimating, predicting, classifying, organizing and hypothesizing
    • Remembers mathematical processes and symbols easily
    • Can easily apply past concepts to new levels with very little instruction
    • Can learn and internalize a new skill with minimal repetitions


    Needs opportunities to:
    • Experiment with different kinds of problems
    • Build problem solving skills
    • Develop alternative methods to solve problems
    • Work with academic peers
    • Share strategies
    • Engage in higher order thinking skills
    • Desing their own math problems
    • Work cooperatively and collaboratively to solve mathematical challenges


    Ways to meet the needs of this child:
    • Problem solving exercises and opportunities to apply skills
    • Teach at an accelerated pace and level
    • Provide activities in anaolgies, logic, tangrams, Sudoku, KenKen
    • Participate in math competitions
    • Play math games