Kyrene School District

Communications and Marketing Services
Communications and Marketing provides the District with consistent and professional communication and marketing services that enhance the brand image of Kyrene as a premier school district. Our Mission is to facilitate communication among internal and external stakeholders, and provide direction on the development and execution of best practices in support of Kyrene.
We promote a variety of innovative programs and services, such as Educational Choice Programs, Summer Academy, Kids Club and student enrollment through public relations and advertising. To accomplish this, we develop and provide editorial oversight for District marketing and outreach materials, ensuring that the District communicates with the community in a consistent and professional manner.
Graphic Design
Marketing also provides creative design and writing services to assist Kyrene programs and schools with their print materials and websites. A graphics request form can be obtained from the Employee Intranet.
Community Outreach and Promotions  
Communications is also responsible for sharing the Kyrene message with current and potential Kyrene families and community supporters. In addition, we distribute articles, press releases, and media advisories to promote District and school events, programs, and initiatives.
The Kyrene Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization (KSCF), is an independently operated community foundation whose sole purpose is to advance the educational process for students enrolled in Kyrene. The Foundation was petitioned to establish a program of assistance to families facing difficult times.

Media inquiries should
be directed to:
Nancy Dudenhoefer, 480-541-1530,
or Lauren Clark, 480-541-1518
For flyer approval or
 other information contact:
Bonny Dolinsek, 480-541-1516
or Christine Peru, 480-541-1000