• The P.E. program Dynamic Physical Education, emphasizes vigorous activity for the development of physical fitness. The program consists of a primary (K-2) and an intermediate (3-6) program. The primary level emphasizes movement experiences while the intermediate level places emphasis on specialized skills and sports activities. All skills are taught in sequential order. Each child works with their own piece of equipment, which allows them to progress at their own rate.

    Students attend once a week for 50-minute periods. Each lesson is divided into the following four segments:

    ONE -- Warm-up
    a. To prepare the child's body for strenuous activity
    b. To ensure the child of immediate activity upon entering the class

    TWO -- Fitness Development
    a. To develop fitness in the following areas:
    1. Arm and shoulder girdle region
    2. Trunk region
    3. Legs
    4. Cardio-respiratory endurance

    THREE -- Lesson Focus
    a. To develop the following instructional elements:
    1. Body management
    2. Visual-tactile coordination
    3. Rhythm
    b. To review previously presented materials

    FOUR -- Game
    a. To give children an opportunity to apply fundamental skills and knowledge lesson focus activity.
    b. To give the child a pure enjoyment activity before leaving class. 

    Grades K-2 Lesson Focus:
    bullet   Manipulative - beanbags, hula hoops, jump ropes, & balls 
    bullet   Educational movements i.e., walking, running, hopping, sliding, jumping, leaping 
    bullet   Individual mats 
    bullet   Rhythmic movements
    bullet   Long rope jumping
    bullet   Benches
    bullet   Stunts & tumbling skills
    bullet   Parachute activities
    bullet   Recreational activities
    bullet   Parachute
    bullet   Balance beams
    bullet   Jogging skills
    bullet   Paddles and balls
    bullet   Playground games
    bullet   Rock wall climbing
    bullet   Pedometers
    bullet   Project adventure
    bullet   Golf
    bullet   Tennis

    Grades 3-5 Lesson Focus:
    bullet   Throwing skills
    bullet   Playing balls
    bullet   Racquet sports
    bullet   Football
    bullet   Volleyball
    bullet   Jogging/Cross country
    bullet   Rope jump
    bullet   Stunt & tumbling
    bullet   Bench/balance beams
    bullet   Juggling & frisbee
    bullet   Soccer
    bullet   Playground games
    bullet   Hockey
    bullet   Rhythmic movements
    bullet   Basketball
    bullet   Trach & field
    bullet   Softball
    bullet   Recreational games
    bullet   Rock wall climbing
    bullet   Pedometers
    bullet   Project adventure
    bullet   Golf
    bullet   Team handball

    P.E. RULES Positive Incentives CONSEQUENCES

    bullet   Stop on Signal
    bullet   Listen to learn
    bullet   Safety with body
    bullet   Wear tennis shoes
    bullet   Be kind to others


    Thank you, high fives, stamps, P.E. Helper, more time with P.E. equipment, & GAME TIME for EXTRA FUN!

    STEP 1: Warning
    STEP 2: Time Out 1-- for 5 mins. have a plan to improve behavior
    STEP 3: TIME OUT 2 - stay until the end of class
    STEP 3: THREE TIME-OUTS in one quarter - a phone conference


    The following PE attire is recommended for SAFETY and comfort: ( 3 misses in 1 quarter will lower P.E. grade)
    · Athletic shoes - NO sandals, boots or dress shoes
    · Shorts or long pants
    · Shorts underneath dresses or skirts 



    P.E. bathroom procedures are a little different than in any other class in the school. This is because of the variety of locations P.E. uses in implementing the teaching of different sports and activities. Depending on the sport or activity, P.E. could be held in the MPR, under the Ramada, basketball courts, (primary or intermediate), soccer field, ( primary or intermediate), or at Harelson Park (tennis courts or field). With this in mind, I try to have all students use the bathroom the first 5 minutes of P.E. class or the last 5 minutes of P.E. class. This helps enormously for students to go to the bathroom before we are far away from the restrooms!

    In addition, it is important to understand the structure of a P.E. lesson. The first 5 minutes of P.E. class is more of an open situation to allow students to go and take care of this issue. Much of this time is just warm-up activities and getting the body ready for exercise. This time frame is a good time for students to use the restroom. The second time in every P.E. class for all students to go to the bathroom is the last 5 minutes. At this time, the P.E. class is involved in a game situation, and the class is winding down. The HEART of the P.E. lesson I try to discourage students from going to the bathroom because that is the meat of the lesson with much of the learning element pieces that I don’t want students to miss!  Now, if it is an EMERGENCY, I will allow students to go at anytime.

    NOTE- If a student is continually not following the “P.E. Bathroom Procedure” (the 5 minutes at the beginning of class and the last 5 minutes of class), that child will receive a warning but will be allowed to go to the bathroom. Any child who has a “Medical Condition” and needs to use the restroom more often will be allowed to go at “ANY TIME”.

    Lastly, it is very important in my teaching of P.E. to keep every Mariposa child safe, respect each child’s need, build lifetime fitness, and to have fun in P.E. class!

    Excused PE Absences
    If your child is unable to participate in P.E. due to an injury, please send a signed note in order to excuse your child. Have your child bring the note to P.E. and they will be given other P.E. work to do.

    Volunteers Needed
    Parent Volunteers are always needed and appreciated for our annual Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving time) and for our Intermediate Field Day and Primary Water Day (sometime in March & May). Please watch for information as the dates approach for these special events. It is critical that I receive more parent volunteers this year for these special programs to take place for the Mariposa students. This is due to my new P.E. schedule. So please consider one or two events to offer your assistance. It will be fun and so appreciated by the students so these events can happen!

    **Thank you in advance for your support in making this a great year for your child. Feel free to come on in and watch or participate with them.  Hopefully you will not have to use your major medical coverage after you do!