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    The in-class assignments and practice given in class are designed to further the learning process, whether it is to reinforce important material taught in the classroom or as review of material the students should already know. We ask that you help your student
    plan and schedule their time so that they are able to turn in quality work by the date it is due.

    In-Class Assignments and Homework
    In-Class Assignments are those assignments and/or projects given to the students to complete within the class period. Most of the assignments given in Social Studies are designed to be completed in class (or multiple periods) so that the students can access the tools and resources required. If a student can not finish the task in the alotted time, then the assignment and/or project becomes homework.

    Practice/Homework, while seldom assigned, needs to be completed at home and turned in by the perscribed due date.

    Absences - if your student misses a day or more of class, it is thier responsibility to find out what they missed (notes, worksheets, tests, etc.) and get themselves caught up as soon as possible.


    Honesty -- Respect -- Responsibility