About Mrs. Pope
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    Welcome families to Art!

    I look forward to working with all new and returning students in the art room this year. Art was always my favorite subject beginning in Kindergarten. In elementary school I loved “art day” and in middle school and high school I took as many art classes as I could. I hope to pass that enjoyment and enthusiasm on to your children as well. My love of art continued through my college years. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Art Education and Masters in Elementary Education. I have been teaching art since 1990 and still enjoy each new year and the variety of different grade levels. I am married with three sons, Sam Ben and Andy. All three went to Waggoner Elementary School and Kyrene Middle school. I have two crazy labrador retrievers Rose and Onyx and a little chihuahua/terrier mix named Lucy.

    My Philosophy

    My goal for the visual arts program is for each child to develop the concepts, skills and attitudes necessary for full enjoyment of the arts. I will encourage all students to use their imagination, to try new things and never be afraid to make a mistake or come up with a crazy idea. Art is about expression and each child will have the opportunity to experiment and create. I will expose your children to a wide variety of media, artists and hands on experiences throughout the year. I place the higher value on the learning and creative process that takes place while a student is working. The look of the finished project is important, but secondary to the learning and experimentation taking place. Your child’s work will reflect experimentation and creative thinking skills as well as being developmentally appropriate for his or her age.


    Students have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of media during any given art period. Unfortunately some of these items can stain clothing, even when labeled “washable”. Students are taught how to use materials properly as well as how to clean responsibly. However with young children accidents can happen. Please know that students are encouraged to wear available aprons. These aprons are not fool proof as they have open sides and backs and liquids could potentially soak through them. Please look at your child’s weekly schedule and have them dress accordingly on their art day. It is sad when a child is too worried to paint or use pastels because they fear damaging special clothes.