•  Heather
    About Ms.Smith  : )
    purple line Ms. Smith has taught first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, a two / three multi-age, a two / three / four multi-age, and served as the school librarian. She has found that she learns a lot about herself and about life from each of her classes.
    Ms. Smith has a strong interest in brain research as it relates to learning, as well as the concepts involved in "holistic learning."

    Your child is a valued addition to our community of learners and Ms. Smith is dedicated to making this one of the most successful and positive years your child will experience.

    It seems that Ms. Smith is always seeking a new adventure and likes to try nutty things like motorcycle lessons, zip lining, mud races, sky diving and trapeze lessons. 
    Ms. Smith has two rescue dogs named Lulu and Lucky.  So far, they have not demonstrated an interest in cleaning of any sort.  Ms. Smith appreciates that her second graders are more helpful and organized than Lulu and Lucky.
    Ms. Smith's students think she's a little kooky, but they say she makes up for it in enthusiasm!