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  • Facility Rentals

    Kyrene has a wide variety of facilities located throughout Tempe, Chandler, and Ahwatukee to meet your organization’s needs. School facilities and the District Office/Ben Furlong Center are open for lease to any person, group, or organization for any lawful purpose in the interest of the community. 

    NOTE: Kyrene Aprende Middle School and Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School fields are currently booked for the Fall and Spring seasons for weekly recurring requests.  


    Facility Rentals In a Nutshell

    Requests for use of District facilities may be made by completing the Request Now form (below). Once a facility has approved a request, it is then reviewed by the District’s designee. The District’s designee shall review the submitted request, checking to be sure the applicant has provided all of the necessary information. The District’s designee will assign the applicant a Category according to the Category structure outlined in KF–EC.
    If the applicant submits all necessary fees and paperwork (i.e., request, insurance, deposit), the request is then considered for approval by the District’s designee. We use a Window of Opportunity system for most facility requests (this is not a first-come, first-served system). The schedule below indicates the dates on which facility requests are accepted. We will accept facility requests throughout the year (on an ongoing basis); however, first priority for use is given during the following windows of opportunity: 
    Dates of Use: Window of Opportunity:
    Fall (August - December) March 1 - 20
    Spring (January - May) August 1 - August 20
    *Summer (June) January 1 - January 20

    *Due to a shortened summer break with hectic maintenance and cleaning schedules, the 2023 summer season will be unavailable for rentals. May 14, 2023 will be the final available rental date for the 2022-2023 school year. The windows of opportunity for fall 2023 and spring 2024 will not be affected at this time.

    At the close of the window, the District's designee will review all of the requests and assign use allocations based on a predetermined set of criteria (i.e., total number of Kyrene youth served, total number of participants, organizations in good standing with the District). After initial allocations are made, any remaining available space will be opened up on a first-come, first-served basis.


    4 Easy Steps to Renting a Kyrene Facility

    1. REQUEST
    Submit a request by completing the Request Now link below. 
    Indicate additional set-up/special needs (especially restrooms) on request.
    Rental request times should reflect the exact time the rental space is needed including set up, warm up and tear down. 

    2. REVIEW
    Requests will be reviewed and a category will be assigned.

    3. APPROVE
    If space is available and approved, a request will be sent for required documents (signed user agreement and proof of insurance) & payment.

    4. CONFIRM
    Upon receipt of required docs & payment, a confirmation will be sent and space will be reserved.

    NOTE: Only the President of each organization may submit a facility use request (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Homeowners Associations, and new organizations are the exception). Individual team coaches may not request facilities for their team. The League President or one designee must request all facility use for their league.

    Policies and Requirements

    • Rental hours Monday - Friday are 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    • Rental hours Saturday and Sunday are 7:00 am - 9:00 pm.
    • Requests to use Kyrene facilities must be received at least seven (7) business days before requested dates.
    • All rental fees must be paid in full five (5) business days prior to event. Reoccurring groups may be billed monthly for the current month’s usage at the discretion of the department.
    • Organizations must have the following on file before being approved for usage:
      • $1 million liability insurance listing Kyrene School District as additionally insured 
      • 501 (c) 3 (if applicable) 
      • Signed Use Agreement 
      • Signed permit
        • A $250 damage deposit may also be required at the discretion of the department.
    • Cancellations must be made five (5) business days in advance. Failure to provide adequate written notice of cancellation will result in a $25.00 penalty fee per occurrence.
    • Changes to a reservation must be made in writing five (5) business days in advance. Requests not made five (5) business days in advance will not be made.
    • Facility Custodial/Ranger fees will apply based on reservation/campus needs at $35.00 per hour. A minimum of 3 hours will apply per event requiring opening/closing and cleaning. Indoor and unsecured campuses will be charged the Facility Custodial/Ranger fee for the duration of the event, plus 2 hours for custodial before and/or after the event.
    • Indoor events will incur a $20.00/hr utility fee.
    • No refunds or credits will be issued if renter ends activity early. 


    Rental fees are determined by the category that your organization falls into. Click on the School Facilities User Categories to find out what category your organization fits into and the 2022-23 Fee Structure for fees that you will be required to pay. Please contact the District's designee for assistance with determining your organization's category. Community Education-Facility Rentals at 480-541-1511 or by email at

    For requests regarding facility rental requests at the Ben Furlong Education Center (Kyrene District Office), please contact (480) 541-1001.

Last Modified on January 17, 2023