• Organizational Tips and Supplies Needed for Each Class

    Start the year off right! Click here for some Organizational Tips for your Child.
    2016-2017 Beginning of the Year Supplies List:


    Language Arts Supplies:
    Ø  1 College Rule 100 Sheet Composition Notebook

    Ø  1 pocket folder

    Ø  Highlighters (blue, yellow, pink, green)


     Social Studies Supplies:

    Ø  1 three-ring binder

    Ø  1 pocket folder

    Ø  1 Composition Notebook

     Science Supplies:

    Ø  1 2-inch three-bracket Binder

    Ø  1 3-subject wide ruled notebook

     General Supplies:

    push pin  1 ream of white copy paper
    push pin  Continuous supply of pencils and erasers

    push pin  Pens (blue or black)
    push pin  Colored correcting pens
    push pin  Highlighters (blue, yellow, green, pink)
    push pin  
    Flash/jump drive
    push pin  Colored pencils
    push pin  Scissors
    push pin  Glue sticks and Tape
    push pin  Lined filler paper (LOTS!)
    Wish List:

    push pin
     Colored or white copy paper
    push pin  Tax Credit Donations 
    push pin  Kleenex
    push pin  Clorox wipes
    push pin  Hand sanitizer 
    push pin  Sticky notes
    push pin  Jolly Ranchers or other small candy 
Last Modified on August 11, 2016