• Jaguar Team Supply List

    Supplies needed for all classes


    *Pencils       *Pens      *Colored Pencils

    *Loose leaf paper (wide lined)     * White Board Markers

    *Highlighters      * Organization system (binder, folders, accordion folder, etc.)


    Ms. Baker – Math – bbaker@kyrene.org


    * Basic calculator

    * Red pen

    * 1 inch binder

    Mrs. Haire – Language Arts – khaire@kyrene.org


    *2 pocket folders

    * Black or Blue pen

    * Eraser

    * 3 subject spiral notebook (wide lined)

    Ms. Hyllested – Social Studies – dhylle@kyrene.org


    *1 subject spiral notebook

    Mrs. Grout – Math/Science – cgrout@kyrene.org



    *1 inch binder with dividers

    *red checking pen


    *1 inch binder with dividers              *colored pencils

    *Ruler with inch & metric measurement

    *Basic calculator

    *Loose leaf paper (wide lined)

    Mrs. Lamoureux – Language Arts/Math/

    Reading Intervention – jlamou@kyrene.org


    *1 subject spiral notebook

    *1 pocket folder



    Mrs. Munn – Language Arts/Social Studies – kmunn@kyrene.org

    Language Arts                                           Social Studies

    *One -3 subject spiral notebook           *One -3 subject spiral notebook

       (wide lined)                                               (wide lined)

    *Blue or Black pens                                   *Blue or Black pens

    * 4 pocket folders                                      *4 pocket folders

       (3 whole punched)                                    (3 whole punched)

    *1 composition book                                 *1 composition book

       (wide lined)                                                  (wide lined)                                  


    Mrs. Zimmerman – Science – nzimme@kyrene.org


    *1 inch binder with dividers

    *Loose leaf paper (wide lined)

    *Ruler with inch and metric measurement

    *Basic calculator

    *colored pencils

    *****Team Wish List*****

    The following items we would gladly appreciate!


    *Kleenex      * Pencils – regular & colored

    *Clorox wipes      *Dry Erase Markers – any color

    *ream of copy paper      *Loose leaf notebook paper

    (wide lined)


Last Modified on August 5, 2015