• Organizational Tips and Supplies Needed for Each Class

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    Team 7C/8C Supply List 

    Language Arts

    Essential (must have):

    1.                        Binder with plenty of notebook paper

    2.                        Two folders: one for current assignments and one for stored assignments and reference materials

    3.                        Pencils/pens

    4.                        Two composition books, journals, or spiral notebooks (one for Language Arts and one for iClass) for pre-reading “quick writes,” journal entries, literary response questions, etc.



    1.                  Supply holder or case

    2.                  Glue sticks

    3.                  Ruler

    4.                  Markers/crayons

    5.                  Highlighters (five different colors)

    6.                  Erasers and White Out

    7.                  Portable pencil sharpener

    8.                  Tissues/handkerchief

    9.                  Hand sanitizer

    10.              Water bottle



    1.                  Gum/candy/beverages other than water

    2.                  Lasers, headphones, iPods (except on “i-Wednesdays”), MP3 players, and other electronic devices.

    3.                  Cell phones (must be stored out of sound and sight).

    4.                  Hats (may be worn outside of class but not in class).

     Social Studies

    1. Three-Ring Binder with Social Studies Tab
    2. Pocket Folder for Handouts
    3. Spiral Notebook for Notes
    4. Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (no frayed edges)
    5. Pencils and pens (blue or black ink)
    6. Highlighters and Colored Pencils
    7. Ruler
    8. Calculator


    1.  D-Ring 1 ½” Binder.

    2.  8 tabs for Binder. (listed belowJ


    a.  Paper

    b.  Warm Up

    c.   Workbook

    d.  Handouts

    e.  LG/Scales

    f.    Glossary

    g.  Index

    h.  Tests/Quizzes


    3.  Pencils enough for the full year (pencils are required each day) all class use

    4.  Loose graph paper 70-100 pages (keep 10 sheets at all times) enough for math but will use in science as well

    5.  College rule Lined paper in a notebook or loose leaf for all subjects.  Only need to keep 20 sheet in binder at a time.

    6.  Dry erase makers (may use each day so enough to last the year) only one needed at a time.(math and science)

    7.  Calculator, minimum of Ii30x.  I do not allow the use of cellphones as calculators in my classroom.   Note: I have a limited supply of graphing calculators in the classroom, they are not required but will be for all higher level courses, Algebra and Geometry. If you get a graphing calculator make sure it is a minimum Ti 84 plus so you don’t need a new one for high school. 

          8. Red Pen for grading



    1.       College rule Composition notebook for science only

    2.       Pencils, for all classes

    3.       Highlighters, at least two colors

    4.       College ruled lined paper

    5.       Dry erase marker

    6.      Colored pencils and or markers

    7.      Glue Sticks 
Last Modified on July 11, 2019